Your videos should be in every beginner’s playlist. You have a remarkable way of being like that cool friend everyone has that is more than willing to share passionate knowledge with anyone who wants to listen. I played drums/bass/guitar for many years in bands, but it was all by ear and self taught. I have always wanted to play the saxophone and recently started taking alto lessons at age 38. The second and equally desired benefit is finally learning to read music. Your videos are awesome and will be a staple in my supplemental toolbox for this new musical journey I am on. A sincere thank you.

Nicholas Proper


Mahalo, Flo, for all the work you have accomplished that has helped me enjoy learning more, everyday. I never would have thought, at 65, and picking up a
saxophone for the first time just last August, that I would be playing like I am today! You make it easy, and most enjoyable. I want more everyday!

Mark Rhine,


thanks so much for this. For years, I’ve been wanting to play the sax solo from Joseph Kuhn’s “Symphony for Blues” (on YouTube, NOT the 101 Strings version). Now, I’m going to get a sax and do it, at age 72! You sure know what the hell you’re talking about, and thanks again!


I enjoy all your videos and have really benefited from your experience. Your advice and guidance is proving most supportive in my development thanks

Dermot X O’Reilly


This is really a good lesson. Fundamentals are great! Really helps me to learn the basics. Thanks man for making this tutorials.


Great course! Son just got a saxophone and I don’t know how to play. By the end of the first video he had it assembled and was able to get some noise out. This will allow him to be more comfortable starting instruction. Thanks!

Ingrid Donato,


The nicest and smoothest saxophone lessons I have ever seen all over youtube. Simply, the best!

Ibrahim Yahya



Richard Hale


Thanks so much. You helped me with many things I am actually doing wrong. 🙂

Ladislav Vidra


Thanks, this helps a lot and ive been playing Alto sax for 3 years but I still find your videos very helpful!

Darren Whitley


Can I say what a fabulous course!. I have bought many things to help me learn the sax (I have no teacher where I live in North Wales in the UK) yours has been the most helpful. I am lucky in that I am already a musician and a teacher, so I kind of had natural talent for the sax but I needed some extra help and your books were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! 🙂

Sally R, Wales U.K.


Taking everything into account, we have given Hello Saxophone an all around ranking of 4.20 out of 5. This is one of the highest scores of all the products we list!



Hi James, I started reading your book yesterday (saxophone in hand) I’ve only read, and practised for about 2 hours now, but I just wanted to let you know I love your writing style. Very open and personal, like your sitting right here in the room with me. Altijd is kortjakje ziek (whatever that title means) is comming along nicely! I can’t believe I’m actually playing allready :D! Thank you!

Greats Z.B, New York.


Hi James, I’m actually a teacher. I bought you’re book because I read something on a forum about your illustrations. I have to say I didn’t expect this. I’ve been teaching saxhophone for more than five years now and I agree your ullistrations really are unique. I’m amazed why nobody ever thought to do the fingering charts the way you did. When I first looked at them I got really confused for a second, but then I looked again and everything fell into place. Simple yet brilliant!

Marc D, Antwerpen.


(From Incredibly intelligent bit of graphic design. we often think design’s role is to please and entertain; we forget that its best purpose (at least in terms of 2d print) is to give meaning and to inform. this is very nicely done!

S.B, Oakland U.S.A.

You’re not just sharing knowledge, you are sharing wisdom! For years I wanted to play the sax, but I never did. Then I saw your 10 mistakes video and with just that one clip you empowered me to play the sax and now I do! It was like an invisible wall just vanished and I felt free. You have changed my life and I would like to thank you for that 🙂

Peter Matstich


Dear Flo: A week after watching your video on sax repair, my tenor slipped out of its stand and bent two of the top rod support posts very slightly but to the point where it was obvious I wasn’t going to get the same sound out if it as before. Fortunately, however, by following your troubleshooting techniques, I was able to disgnose the problem and share it with the repair tech. He seemed quite surprised that I had figured it out for myself, so thanks a million for a great video. BTW, the repair guy said my analysis saved him some labor time which in turn ended up saving me some money!

Geof Schwer Waco, Texas, USA

This really got me excited about my saxophone, more than I already was.

Thiago Leite


Boss you made it just so simple, thanks. Looking forward to buy a saxophone, no more rentals.

Sahil Kumar Kalia


These are just the videos and lessons I’m looking for! I played the flute like 10 years ago and gave it up. Now missing that musical part in my life and sax just came to mind one day

Kanta Dor


(about our charts) At first I looked at it and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I didn’t even realize I was flipping anything around in my head before, years of explaining fingering charts to students I guess. Yours seemed very counter-intuitive to me. But after looking for a just a few seconds everything switched and I started to find it very natural. Good work!

Ben Bogart, Beaverton U.S.A. (Music teacher, Saxophonist)


(about our charts) My initial reaction was “this seems backwards to me…” But then I re-read Ben’s comment and took another look at the chart. That second look made all the difference. It’s not backwards at all…it’s exactly right! We’re used to seein a “mirror image,” whereas your version is made as if the sax is right in front of us, facing the right direction. Very cool!

St. Louis, Missouri


…..Thank you so much for this book! I justed wanted to try the saxophone for fun so I rented a sax and bought your book and as soon as I got started, I was hooked. This makes it so easy to get started. Thnx for helping me out with this!

L.V, Siena Italy


(From I wonder why no one came up with this before. Simple yet brilliant. I love ideas that are elegant in thier simplicity.



I’m about halfway through the book now. Great book James! I like how it’s written in an open and personal style en I love the videos with the moving fingering positions inside the image. It makes everything real easy. I also like that your book makes me feel like I’m having private lessons. I think it’s very interesting that you give real attention to mentality and practicing strategy’s. I only have about half an hour every day to practice, but it’s still very important to think about and realize that playing the saxophone needs to become part of my daily life and that it’s going to take some effort to do so. I don’t think I ever would have thought about it with that perspective if it wasn’t for you book. So thanks! Now I’m going to continue practicing 😉

Kind regards, M,V,L The Netherlands


Thanks for the tutorial, it is really didactic and practical, I am just starting but I find it very useful! congratulations for the work! and thanks for the excelent support

Big Hug, Juani B, Argentina


Thanks! The design is beatiful! Clear and easy to read.
Very useful for the beginners.

Saxofan (from


What a great and simple method of tuition, well done!.

M.R. United Kingdom.


Finally! A music teacher with the adventures, fun and “devil may care”
additude that (I believe) a saxophone teacher should have! Reading this
work made me feel like you want me to have fun and succeed! Instead of
being afraid to try things out, I feel empowered and gutsy and I know for
sure that I’ll step onto a stage soon. Thank you!

Sarli. D. The Netherlands

(From Good work and very impressive graphics and layout

Jbtsax, Utah (Music teacher, Saxophonist)