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Hello Saxophone – The easy starter’s guide to the saxophone | The START TODAY! saxophone pack

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Discover Hello Saxophone, the lesson pack that changed on-line saxophone education!

NOW + 4 FREE BONUSSES! (See details below) that will help you play for your friends and family or reach the band-playing level quickly!

(Contains the full Ebook download + access to the premium exercises pages of each included program with: videos, sheets and other materials for download or streaming). 

Bonus 1: The Scale Book – The best tool to learn all major and minor scales on the saxophone

Bonus 2: Unleashing the Dragon – The intermediate to advanced manual 

Bonus 3: The Christmas play along album – 12 timeless classics to practice and play along on your saxophone

Bonus 4: How to learn anything 3 times faster – The discovery of Extreme Learning – By Florian Rooz Ebook

Choose the most effective lesson package in the world for self-teaching the saxophone! Start the hobby of your lifetime by flying through the basics and getting yourself up to the band-playing level. Realize your dream of playing the saxophone now! And do it: fast, fun and frustration free! The way it should be!

Hello Saxophone is a quality E-book and all our products comes with a 60 days “full refund” guarantee. So you can try and experience the guide(s) for 60 days completely risk free! If you are not a 100% satisfied you can simply send an email to cancel@hellosaxophone.com. Just include your name and: “cancel” and we will give you a full refund within 24 hours. No questions asked! For general questions contact support at Info@hellosaxophone.com. (We generally answer all questions within 24 hours)