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The saxophone MEGA Vault – Full access to all my ebooks, programs and materials

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Saxophone VAULT DISCOUNT! Now includes my latest NEW BOOK!

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Get ready to play some amazing saxophone tunes for your family and friends this holiday season!

Seven full length programs + the 3x faster method book – over 40 video lessons – Every exercise you need to progress from your very first note, to playing professional level saxophone solo’s over any tune you want!

Named: “the highest value lesson pack that a beginning saxophone player can buy” on SOTW

When I first started Hello Saxophone, I wanted to evolve the teaching of the saxophone. From the: old fashioned, stale, overly serious and often discouraging classical teaching methods, into something: fun and engaging! A way of self-teaching that would stimulate players creativity and natural learning abilities and would simply give you the exact knowledge needed to explore the saxophone yourself! with confidence!

After 6 years of creating lessons and thousands and thousands of requests from users all over the world, I feel I can confidently say: we’ve created a complete, truly affordable and uniquely effective way for self teaching the saxophone. With our seven signature programs you’ll cover the entire journey from complete novice into a kick-ass saxophone player. And with the MEGA VAULT you’ll have full access to absolutely all of it. Right away! With a whopping 50% discount on the complete range!

Regular price
Hello saxophone
The easy starter’s guide (full set)
€ 21,95 check
The Scale book
Master the 12 major and minor scales right from the start
€ 11,95 check
Unleashing the dragon
The intermediate – advanced course
€ 26,95 check
Inside the saxophone
Understanding the sax, locating problems and fixing your saxophone yourself
€ 8,95 check
Staying healthy and Saxy
prevent the 26 most common health-problems for sax players
€ 24,95 check
Tone center/builder
Cultive a beautiful BIG sound in 15 easy daily steps
€ 20,95 check
Full song workshop program
Learn the 9 steps to professional saxophone improvisation
€ 20,95 check
Jazz Duets! play along album
6 timeless jazz classics to play and practice! + The Christmas play-along bundle – 12 timeless classics to play during the holidays
€ 18,95 check
Easy to use private VAULT page to access all
methods and downloads
Priority access to Florian Rooz via email check
Total: € 173,90 € 49,95


Hello Saxophone is a quality E-book and comes with a 60 days “full refund” guarantee. So you can try and experience the guide for 60 days completely risk free! If you are not a 100% satisfied you can simply send an email to cancel@hellosaxophone.com. Just include your name and: “cancel” and we will give you a full refund within 24 hours. No questions asked! For general questions contact support at Info@hellosaxophone.com. (We generally answer all questions within 24 hours)