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Unleashing the dragon – The intermediate to advanced saxophone course


Unleash the full potential of the saxophone!

Ever heard the expression: “When you cut the head of a dragon, two new ones will apear”. Mastering the saxophone on the highest level is a lot like that. There are so many details and the inter-relations between al the different facets of saxophone technique like: posture, embouchure, tempo, knowledge-of-harmony, knowledge-of-band-dynamics etc are very complex.

As a result of this, sooner or later, every student of this amazing instrument wil hit a glass wall. The first year or so we feel our playing is getting better and better, but then suddenly our ears become better! And when that happens we suddenly start to realise exactly how much better all those professionals actually sound.

Trust me! it will happen!

From one day to the next, you suddenly won’t like the way you sound so much anymore. You’ll start to feel your timing feels a bit sloppier then you previously imagined. Your high notes seem to sound a bit less briliant then you once thought and there will be many other small things in your playing that you suddenly just won’t like so much anymore.

is it your mouthpiece? Is it your sax? NO!

What is happening is: you’re starting to develop the ears of a professional. You’re body has slowly developed the ability to pick up much smaller details in sound, tempo and note-placement and you’re finally starting to notice this conciously.

It means the time is now!

If you put in the effort now, you can start to push your own technique up to the professional level, but this means: re-examening every part of your technique and finetuning everything meticulously!

When I hit this moment in my own development, it took me a lot of time and effort to figger out exactly what I needed to do. Like in the very beginning, I was confronted with the fact that there was simply no real method yet for bridging this illusive gap. So once again I wrote down all my experiences and brought everything I learned together in one, easy to follow method.

The combined result is a 16 weeks long, highly in-depth home-study course that will help you tune every aspect of your technique to perfection.

And unleash the musical beast inside you!

  • Over 130 pages with beautiful and highly detailed original illustrations.
  • Special sheets for all populair chord modes.
  • Specials sheets for altissimo register.
  • special sheets for overtone practice.
  • Fully printable 16 weeks practice calander for: tone, tembre, tempo, finger-fluency and harmonic development.
  • Includes: The session survival guide.
  • Access to the Hello Saxophone premium newsletter.

Unleashing the dragon will:

Significantly increase your capacity to improvise and be creative on your instrument.
Play more comfortably and with less effort.
Play longer without fatigue or other physical problems.
Play with much more accuracy & speed and be able to control your notes and intonation much more precisely.
Improve the quality of your sound, making it more: steady and fluent, effortless and in control, bigger, more colorful and open.
Think like a pro! You will gain a much deeper understanding of technique, which will enable you to pro-actively overcome any other challenges you might be confronted with in future playing or practicing.