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Testimonial of the week: “I found your saxophone video lessons to be the best on Youtube by far! You have an amazing way of clarifying important details and injecting passion and enthusiasm into all aspects of playing and learning. I’m finally having real fun while I’m getting better on my sax and this used to be hard for me. I also just bought and read your new 3 Times faster book and I think it is a true work of genius. It’s helped me a lot with the sax again. You should be very proud of what you have created so far. Can’t wait for the next thing!”.  R. Hazel

…”Florians teaching style is unique, he doesn’t miss a beat and empowers his students with the right key insights”… 

Learn with a celebrated saxophone teacher, musician & artist coach.

Sample saxophone tips & lessons: Learn how to play the saxophone

Exploring with Jazz Giants Christian Scott & Teus Nobel

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Hello saxophone E-book includes - learn to play the saxophone - how to play the saxophone

Working with Hello saxophone, you will quickly learn:

# How to assemble your saxophone.
# How to tune your saxophone and mouthpiece perfectly.
# How to hold and play your saxophone comfortably.
# How to cultivate an excellent embouchure.
# How to shave at least half the time off your learning curve by making sure you have the right tools!
# How to build a strong breath support. (How to gain the needed air power quickly).
# How to cultivate and sustain a solid and brilliant tone.
# How to finger and play every note on the saxophone.
# How to gain finger fluency and speed quickly.
# How to learn any melody by ear.
# How to make your very high and very low notes sound brilliant.
# How to recognise all intervals with your ears (The interval secret).
# The basics of improvisation.
# How to develop a personal sound on the saxophone over time.
# You will learn to play famous songs like: Mercy Mercy MercySaint Thomas,The Mo better bluesand others.
# You will learn the basics of music reading and writing (Everything you need to play in a band).
# You will learn the basics of music theory (Everything you need to be able to improvise).
# You will comfortably avoid the many pitfalls and mistakes that can make learning to play the saxophone very time-consuming and frustrating.

“…The nicest and smoothest saxophone lessons I have ever seen all over youtube. Simply, the best for learning to play the saxophone!…” Ibrahim Yahya

“…Can I say what a fabulous course!. I have bought many things to help me learn the saxophone (I have no teacher where I live in North Wales in the UK) yours has been the most helpful. I am lucky in that I am already a musician and a teacher, so I kind of had natural talent for the saxophone but I needed some extra help and your books were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!…” Sally R, Wales U.K.

“…Hi James, I’m actually a teacher. I bought you’re book because I read something on a forum about your illustrations. I have to say I didn’t expect this. I’ve been teaching saxhophone for more than five years now and I agree your ullistrations really are unique. I’m amazed why nobody ever thought to do the fingering charts the way you did. When I first looked at them I got really confused for a second, but then I looked again and everything fell into place. Simple yet brilliant!…Truly a better at for learning to play the saxophone.” Marc D, Antwerpen.