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  From beginner to expert with a proven series! No missing steps! No confusion!  
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Hello saxophone - the easy starter's guide to the saxophone:

Get the exact practical information you need in the straightforward way you want! Before you know it you'll be playing the songs you love. Regardless of what style of music you wish to play.

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scale book cover

The Scale book:

Learning all 12 major and minor scales couldn't be easier! With this amazing tool you'll be able to practise and play in every key right away.

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Tone center builder cover

Tone Center Builder - Cultivate a profesional saxophone sound in 15 easy daily steps

A video set especifically for those who wish to cultivate a rich, beautiful and BIG sound on the axophone. In 15 easy, daily steps I detail the mindsets and practises needed to find your personal "tone center" and build your sound up as big and beatiful as it can be.

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Full song workshop cover

Learn the 9 steps to professional improvisations on the saxophone!

Having interviewed and played with some of the best players out there. I've come to realise that there are really 9 key steps to improvising. Ech player may have his/her own variation on them, but they all use the same core steps. And once you know and apply these steps, you will see you improvisations take a major leap forward!

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Tone center builder cover

Inside the saxophone - Understanding the mechanics of the sax + doing basic saxophone repair yourself!

Small defects on you sax can be a major downer to your progress. Learn how to locate problems quickly, fix them yourself or (if needed) work effectievely with your rapair man!

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Full song workshop cover

My saxophone lessons MEGA VAULT! - Get access to the ENTIRE collection of my materials for one low price!

Six full length programs - over 40 video lessons - Every exercise you need to progress from: your very first note, to playing professional level saxophone solo's over any tune you want!

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  With a celebrated saxophone teacher, musician & artist coach.  
Florian Rooz
  Sample saxophone tips & lessons:  
The differences between Alto and tenor saxophone

The differences between the Alto and Tenor saxophone explained:

Having trouble chosing between the Alto and Tenor? In this video I explain what the major differences are between these two most populair saxophone models.

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How to growl on the saxophone

How to finger all the notes on the saxophone (chromatic scale):

Learn how to play every note on the saxophone from bottom to top and vica-versa. And how to move your hands to go from one note to the next.

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Bb saxophone fingering explained

When to use which Bb fingering?

Some notes on the saxophone can be played in many different ways. The Bb is probably the one note ,with various fingering options, you'll use the most. Here is how to chose which fingering to use:

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How hard is it to play the saxophone

How hard is it to play the saxophone?

Since I seem to get this question a lot, I made a special video giving my insights into exactly how hard/easy it is to learn to play the saxophone:

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Bb saxophone fingering explained

1 MILLION views celebration video

Play along with my Brass band to celebrate our first Million viewers on Youtube!

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How hard is it to play the saxophone

Learn to play Worksong (A song and a Lick episode)

In this video I explain how you can play Worksong (by Nat Adderley) on the alto and tenor saxophone step by step. Clear fingercharts are included in the video so you can play along easily.

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  Your learning supports young music talent!  

By purchasing Hello Saxophone you also help support young talent by funding: free, open session events, educative interviews, masterclasses. and more! And with your help we've developed one of the most amazing high quality yet fairly priced saxophones available: The Amsterdam Blue Rose Saxophone

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Learning with Hello saxophone you will quickly learn to play the saxophone:

# How to assemble your saxophone Learn to play the saxophone # How to tune your saxophone and mouthpiece perfectly. # How to hold and play your saxophone comfortably. # How to cultivate an excellent embouchure. # How to shave at least half the time off your learning curve by making sure you have the right tools! n # How to build a strong breath support. (How to gain the needed air power quickly). # How to cultivate and sustain a solid and brilliant tone. # How to finger and play every note on the saxophone. # How to gain finger fluency and speed quickly. # How to learn any melody by ear. # How to make your very high and very low notes sound brilliant. # How to recognise all intervals with your ears (The interval secret). # The basics of improvisation. # How to develop a personal sound on the saxophone over time. # You will learn to play famous songs like: Mercy Mercy Mercy, Saint Thomas,The Mo better blues and others. # You will learn the basics of music reading and writing (Everything you need to play in a band). # You will learn the basics of music theory (Everything you need to be able to improvise). # You will comfortably avoid the many pitfalls and mistakes that can make learning to play the saxophone very time-consuming and frustrating.

In edition to all the above Hello Saxophone also includes a large set of unique: finger charts, in-depth diagrams and video lessons designed to help you understand the saxophone quickly and thoroughly: Learn to play the saxophone 1: The basic notes chart: The correct finger positions for every note on the saxophone in Florian's exclusive, easy to use visual format for learning to play the saxophone. 2: Ligature overview:Showing you every important detail about configuring your mouthpiece perfectly to learn to play the saxophone. 3: Counting diagrams: These special cards will help you get familiar with tempo in music, helping you develop the ability to play with others in a band and learn to play the saxophone. 4: The saxophone piano: All the notes on the saxophone laid out side by side like on a piano. It's the ultimate chart for those who want to understand the saxophone deeply in order to start improvising. Great to put up on your your wall for a while as a reference while you're learning to play the saxophone 5: Alto to Tenor transposing chart: Translate any piece of music from alto to tenor or vice versa for learning to play the saxophone. 6: Altissimo chart: A special finger chart displaying how to play the most difficult notes on the instrument. 7: In-dept video instructions on all the key pieces of knowledge and skills you need to learn to play the saxophone. + Our team supports all our students via email. If you have any questions, you can simply email us and you'll usualy get an in-depth answer back within 24 hours! + No waiting for the mailman! You will download the complete set directly to your computer and start playing right away! + You'll get access to our monthly PREMIUM newsletter containing interviews with great players from around the world + Free video masterclasses and articles containing the best tips and tricks for playing the saxophone!. + All the included books and extra materials are printable from both PC & Mac or can be read on your I-pad or E-reader device (You can download as: PDF, E-pub or both). All included videos can be watched streaming from the members page or you can download them to your own device. Learn to play the saxophone