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Understanding the instrument, locating problems quickly
and doing small repairs.


  • 36 minute premium video lesson with Florian Rooz
  • Learn to understand the layers of the saxophone's mechenical design.
  • Learn which parts are important, what their weaknesses are and how to prevent commen problems.
  • Learn how to locate mechinical problems on your saxophone quickly.
  • Get hands-on tips on how to quickly fix small problems and how to get bigger issues solved quickly and effectively with the help of your repairman.

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Save yourself hours of time and frustration because of: not knowing what is wrong,
or not being able to play because of small, easily fixable problems!

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Hello Saxophone provides quality E-products and a 60 days "full refund" guarantee. So you can try and experience lessons for 60 days completely risk free! If you are not a 100% satisfied you can simply send an email to Just include your name and: "cancel" and we will give you a full refund within 24 hours. No questions asked! For general questions contact support at (We generally answer all questions within 24 hours)

Dear Flo: A week after watching your video on sax repair, my tenor slipped out of its stand and bent two of the top rod support posts very slightly but to the point where it was obvious I wasn't going to get the same sound out if it as before. Fortunately, however, by following your troubleshooting techniques, I was able to disgnose the problem and share it with the repair tech. He seemed quite surprised that I had figured it out for myself, so thanks a million for a great video. BTW, the repair guy said my analysis saved him some labor time which in turn ended up saving me some money!

Geof .S.  Waco, Texas, USA


Hey Flo, Your email, saying you created this new video, could'nt have come at a better time!
For no obvious reason my Alto had just started to develop several strange squeeks and my lower
register notes no longer came out correctly. Using your system of steps I quickly (and to my own
amazement) discovered a small valve, related to my octave key, wasn't closing. A sping had come
lose. So I used a pen to push the tip of the spring back in its place and now my Alto sings again! In short: You totally saved my a 2 hour trip to my rapair man plus expenses! Thank you for a great system! I'm confident it will save my ass many times more in the future! Santeri .D. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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