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The scale book unleashingthedragon Tonecenterbuilder Fullsongworkshop
The Scale book

All major and minor scales for saxophone in our easy fingerchart format.

Unleashing the Dragon

Saxophone technique - The intermediate - advanced course.
Tone center / builder

Cultivate a beatiful and big saxophone sound in 15 easy daily steps.
Full song workshop program

Learn the 9 key steps to improvising like a professional saxophone player.
Insidethesaxophone Healty and saxy Mega Vault
Inside the saxophone

Premium video lesson: Understanding the intrument parts, locating problems and doing small repairs.

NEW! staying Healthy and Saxy

Prevent the 21 most common health-problems for saxophone players!


All inclusive access to my Ebooks and programs.

100% access!




Play alongs & recommended saxophones

Christmas Jazz Duets for saxophone Blue Rose Bad Boy Saxophone BlueRoseAltoSaxophone
The play-along Xmas bundle

The perfect tool to practise and perform for your family and friends this Christmas.

Play along Jazz Duets for Saxophone

With Daan Herweg (Keys)

The Blue Rose "Bad Boy" Tenor saxophone

A horn to love! Exceptional value for money. Exceptional design!

The Blue Rose "Sweet Seductress" Alto saxophone

A horn to love! Exceptional value for money. Exceptional design!


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