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About Florian Rooz:

Florian Rooz

I'm really just a regular guy who enjoys playing and teaching saxophone. I live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), one of the most musically + culturally diverse cities in the world, and the amount of music events here is enormous. I'm very involved in the local Jazz scene, so if you're in town and visiting some local sessions you're bound to run into me.

Of-course through my amazing success as a teacher I've been able to play on some of the best stages in Europe like The North Sea Jazz Club, Jamboree Jazz Club, Club Bird, The Blue Note in Amsterdam, The Bimhous and many others and I've had the pleasure to work with and interview some of the best musicians in the world. Like: Joshua Redman, Christian Scott, Jose James, Daan Herweg, Kenny Werner, Frank McComb, Susanne Alt, Tineke Postma. Benjamin Herman, Teus NObel, efraim trujillo and many others.

Besides playing the sax I'm also a vocalist, I've worked as an actor, and I work as a coach with a lot of professional artists and young local talent.

Saxophones: Blue Rose - Bad Boy (Tenor)

Mouthpiece: Otto Link - Super tone master 9*

Regular at: Nel Session - North Sea jazz club - CC Music cafe - Jazzclub de Badcuyp.

Personal blog:

Christian Scott

Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz

Florian rooz

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