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Healthy and saxy

Preventing is better than healing!

I'm proud to say this work is actually the first, ever created, in-depth book on saxophone-health risks. Writen in collaboration with licensed medical professionals.

Staying Healthy and Saxy is:

  • 80 pages of in-depth info + beautiful and clear illustrations on all common health-problems that affect saxophone players.
  • A must read for every beginner!
  • A must read if you're a parent of children who play saxophone.
  • An eye opener, even if you've been playing for years!

Every problem and condition is described in detail with:

  1. An in-depth description,
  2. An overview of the known causes,
  3. An overview of possible aggravotors,
  4. An overview of possible treatments and tips for prevention

Created in collaboration with licensed medical doctors. All the information in "Staying Healty and Saxy" is based on the latest varified medical knowedge.

Evolving product: The eBook will be updated every 6 month's to stay current (you can re-download at any time to get the latest version).

In addition to the eBook:

+ Our team supports all our readers via email. If you have any aditional medical questions concerning your saxophone playing, you can simply email us and you'll usualy get an in-depth answer back within 24 hours!

+ No waiting for the mailman! You can simply download the eBook directly to your computer/phone/E-reader, etc and start reading right away.

+ You'll get access to the Hello Saxophone" premium weekly newsletter containing interviews with great players from around the world + Free video masterclasses and articles containing the best tips and tricks for playing the saxophone!.

+ Fully printable from both PC & Mac or can be read on your I-pad or E-reader device (PDF).



Start staying healthy and saxy today!

hello sax product overview

Probably about € 400,- worth of medical info!
Can litterally save your life or help prevent serious chronic problems.
This is a body of knowledge you will never regret having handy!

This week only: € 20,95 € 24,95

Stay Saxy and healthy! Click the button below now to start the download.
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*60 days full refund guarantee!!* (This product is also suited for the I-pad)

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