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Learn the 9 essential steps to improvisation!
with the Full song workshop program.Scallebook


You have been asking me to do a specific program about improvising, and you know I take your feedback very seriously. So here it is :)! In Full song workshop program I'm going to take you behind the scenes of my personal process for building improvisations.

Having interviewed and played with some of the best players out there. I've come to realise that there are really 9 key steps to improvising. Ech player may have his/her own variation on them, but they all use the same core steps. And once you know and apply these steps, you will see you improvisations take a major leap forward!

In Full song workshop I will walk you through the process step by step analysing a single song in all its detail. We will learn and study the song together and we will then start to create a cool improvisation step by step.

You will learn:

  • Transcribing and learning any melody thoroughly.
  • Stretching a melody
  • Uncovering the structure of a song and filling in the chords.
  • Understanding and mastering the baseline of a song.
  • Incorporating the full extensions of the harmonic progression.
  • Examining the relationship between the harmony and melody and discovering the sweet spots and hidden mechanisms of a song.
    Creating and transcribing hip licks for your solo's.
  • Adding the feel of call and response to your lines.
  • Connecting with your audience by adding purpose to various parts of your solo's.

Also includes:

  • 2 extra videos (The interval secret series)
  • play along track of: Save your love for me
  • various printable chord charts.

You can watch the entire series streaming from the premium member page or you can download the videos to your own device (it's your choice).


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Take the next big step in your developement!

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