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TOPIC: Can I Learn to play the saxophone?

ANSWER: This is a question I’m often asked. The answer is that unless you have a physical impairment that prevents you from playing the instrument, yes you can learn to play the saxophone.

The level of proficiency you attain however, depends on a couple of things. Ultimately, your determination, the amount of time invested, and the amount of natural ability you posess work together to determine your success.

Learning to play the saxophone, especially jazz saxophone, is an adventure that you can enjoy the rest of your life. One of the greatest joys of this experience is knowing that you can learn more about the instrument, the music, and yourself, everyday that you practice.

TOPIC: Alto or Tenor?

ANSWER: Once you’ve decided to play the saxophone, you are faced with the task of selecting an instrument. There are several important factors that you will need to consider.

Determine first whether you would like to begin with alto or tenor (beginners should avoid soprano). I recommend that most kids begin with alto because it’s the smaller of the two. If you are an adult, you might wish to take into consideration that the tenor is larger, and somewhat heavier on the neck. It is, however, manageable by most healthy adults with no back problems. There are also special harness straps that distribute the weight more evenly on the back.

If you are not certain of the differences between alto and tenor, visit a music store that sells band instruments, and ask to see both. You might also wish to listen to players of both tenor and alto to see if your ear prefers one or the other.

If you are still not certain as to whether you prefer alto or tenor, my recommendation would be to begin with alto. All the notes and reading that you learn on alto can be easily transferred to tenor should you decide to make the change.

TOPIC: Should I rent or purchase a saxophone? How about a used sax?

ANSWER: Most reputable band instrument stores have rental programs. I like this option, because it (hopefully) insures that you will obtain an instrument in good working condition. It’s also helpful if the store has a repair shop where the instrument can be play tested to insure everything is ready to go. I have seen brand new saxes come out of the box needing adjustment, so don’t be afraid to ask the staff to check the instrument and even play test it for you.

If you are looking to save a buck and purchase a used instrument, be cautious. An instrument may look beautiful and still need $300 or more in repairs to get it playable. If you purchase online, make sure there is a money-back guarantee, and that you have someone that can check the instrument for you once it arrives.

Avoid discount store off-brand instruments. The trouble with these instruments is that you may have difficulty finding a repairman to work on them a year or sooner down the road when they need adjustment. If in doubt as to a brand to choose, contact your local band instrument repair shop and ask for advice. Some of the more popular and reputable brands of saxophone include Selmer, Yamaha, Conn, Guardala, and Keilworth. There are quite a few other worthy brands.

TOPIC: What are the necessary accessories?

ANSWER: As with any new hobby, there are a lot of available accessories, some necessary, some not. Accessories often add to the experience and complete the feeling of being prepared to undertake the task. Below is a list of items you will need.

Reeds- Extra reeds are an absolute necessity. If you are renting or have purchased a new saxophone, chances are that it came with one number 2 reed. You should purchase a pack of five to ten number 2.5 reeds. There is no real advantage to purchasing high quality reeds at this point, so just get the plain Rico brand reeds.

Reed Holder- A red holder designed to store 2-4 reeds is good to have.

Cork Grease- If you are renting or have purchased a new instrument, chances are that it has a tube of cork grease in the case. If not, it’s cheap, so purchase a tube.

Tuner- For anyone learning to play the saxophone using online or self-instruction, a chromatic tuner is essential.

Metronome- A metronome is a helpful, and highly recommended practice aid. Be certain to get one that has a loud click, so you can hear it while practicing.

Music Stand - A music stand is essential for holding the music in a position that allows you to sit or stand comfortably while practicing.

Cleaning kit- Most music stores offer cleaning kits. Many of these kits contain items that you may not need, so you might do better purchasing things separately.The necessities include a mouthpiece brush, neck cleaner, and a body cleaner. The neck and body cleaners are usually just pieces of fabric tied to a string with a weight on the opposite end, and are used for drying the inside of the instrument after practicing. Another type of body cleaner is a long bushy plume that is inserted and removed from the body of the instrument after practicing.

Hello Saxophone is fast-paced and will give you the exact practical information you need in the straightforward way you want! Before you know it you'll be playing the songs you love together with your friends. Regardless of what style of music you wish to play. Thousands of beginners from around the world have succesfully thaught themselves to play the saxophone using our practical, step by step video lessons and E-book.

You don't need to be able to read notes to use this guide. You will learn everything you need along the way. Whether your aim is to: play in a band, sit in at local jam sessions, play for/with your family and friends or just by yourself at home. Using the guide, it's easy instruction videos and carefully designed visuals you'll keep your learning process fast, fun and frustration free! The way it should be!

And trust me: Playing an instrument will change your life! It's a whole new way of connecting to your friends and family and also a path to making lots of new friends and express your creativity!

Overview the best method you can buy to learn to play the saxophone
Get instant access to the exact practical knowledge and skills you need!

# Written especially for: smart, self directed adults!

# Fast-paced modern style of video teaching + eBook! (no stuffy DVD videos from 1967)

# Work through the basics in just a few days and start expanding your skills quickly!

# Huge amount of content and great price! Hello Saxophone is easily 6 months worth of valuable practice materials and exercises, and the complete course is yours for less than the price of a single regular lesson with a teacher!

# Enjoy the unique benefits of learning from the nr 1# on-line saxophone teacher in the world! Florian Rooz's (Dutch) down to earth and practical style of teaching will give you not only the tools, but also the mindset to achieve great results quickly!

Enjoy this free sample lesson:

You will learn:

# How to assemble your saxophone.
# How to tune your saxophone and mouthpiece perfectly.
# How to hold and play your saxophone comfortably.
# How to cultivate an excellent embouchure.
# How to shave at least half the time off your learning curve by making sure you have the right tools!
# How to build a strong breath support. (How to gain the needed air power quickly).
# How to cultivate and sustain a solid and brilliant tone.
# How to finger and play every note on the saxophone.
# How to gain finger fluency and speed quickly.
# How to learn any melody by ear.
# How to make your very high and very low notes sound brilliant.
# How to recognise all intervals with your ears (The interval secret).
# The basics of improvisation.
# How to develop a personal sound on the saxophone over time.
# You will learn to play famous songs like: Mercy Mercy Mercy, Saint Thomas,The Mo better blues and others.
# You will learn the basics of music reading and writing (Everything you need to play in a band).
# You will learn the basics of music theory (Everything you need to be able to improvise).
# You will comfortably avoid the many pitfalls and mistakes that can make learning to play the saxophone very time-consuming and frustrating.

In edition to all the above Hello Saxophone also includes a large set of unique: finger charts, in-depth diagrams and video lessons designed to help you understand the saxophone quickly and thoroughly:

1: The basic notes chart: The correct finger positions for every note on the saxophone in Florian's exclusive, easy to use visual format.

2: Ligature overview:Showing you every important detail about configuring your mouthpiece perfectly.

3: Counting diagrams: These special cards will help you get familiar with tempo in music, helping you develop the ability to play with others in a band.

4: The saxophone piano: All the notes on the saxophone laid out side by side like on a piano. It's the ultimate chart for those who want to understand the saxophone deeply in order to start improvising. Great to put up on your your wall for a while as a reference while you're learning.

5: Alto to Tenor transposing chart: Translate any piece of music from alto to tenor or vice versa.

6: Altissimo chart: A special finger chart displaying how to play the most difficult notes on the instrument.

7: In-dept video instructions on all the key pieces of knowledge and skills you need to learn.

+ Our team supports all our students via email. If you have any questions, you can simply email us and you'll usualy get an in-depth answer back within 24 hours!

+ No waiting for the mailman! You will download the complete set directly to your computer and start playing right away!

+ You'll get access to our monthly PREMIUM newsletter containing interviews with great players from around the world + Free video masterclasses and articles containing the best tips and tricks for playing the saxophone!.

+ All the included books and extra materials are printable from both PC & Mac or can be read on your I-pad or E-reader device (You can download as: PDF, E-pub or both). All included videos can be watched streaming from the members page or you can download them to your own device.

Learn to play saxophone tools, diagrams, book, orther aids are all included + videos in hello saxophone, the easy guide to the saxxophone to learn to play saxophone for beginners



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